A33 Students competences, Europass CV, and Certificates of Attendance

During the two years of the programme, students had the opportunity to practice their computer skills (Prezzi, PowerPoint, Social Media:  WhatsApp and Facebook, Word Processing, etc.) and to develop their foreign language competences, especially in English, during the mobilities.

Europass CVs (20 students, three mobilities) had been processed successfully through the SEPIE webpage by May 2019. 

Students and Teachers received their certificates of attendance during each of the three mobilities: 1) France, March 2018; 2) Portugal, October 2018; 3) Italy, April 2019.

French, Italian and Portuguese Students and Tachers received their certificates of attendance during the farewell ceremonies at Liceo Caracense, at the end of the Spanish mobility, in May 2018.

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