A32 Cooperation with local institutions.

Here is a list of some institutions we have contacted or collaborated with in the two years of the programme.

  • ONG - Migrantes con Derechos.
  • Catholic Church, diocesis Sigüenza-Guadalajara.
  • ONG - Mesa por la Hospitalidad.
  • ONG - Guada ACOGE.
  • Confederación Diocesana de Migraciones.
  • Biblioteca Pública de Guadalajara
  • Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara.
  • Theatre Group: Ultramarinos de Lucas.
  • Spanish MUN organization.
  • Catering El Pairon.
  • Hotel España.
  • Autocares Marin.

The eight teachers (representing seven departments) directly involved in Joining Hands are committed to celebrating International Migrants Day every month of December even after the programme has finished. We want to make migrations and refugees a permanent part of the conversation in our school.

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