A31 Dissemination events

There are four basic lines of dissemination: Activities, mobilities, Webpages and Facebook, collaboration with local institutions

1.- Activities. The same activities that have been described here (International Migrants Day, International Book Day, Lectures, Meetings with experts, Books and other readings, etc.) serve as dissemination events. The students and teachers directly involved, and also the rest of the school community, have been learning about migrations and refugees, its benefits and dangers, through the many initiatives that have been taking place in these two years.

We have had several specefic dissemination activities: article in "Nueva Alcarria" (A25), public documentary showing "La Cocina de las Patronas" (A??)

2.- Mobilities. Trips by students and teachers to the other participant schools, and hosting  our European partners in May 2018, highlight our efforts to give visibility to the questions of migration.

3.- Webpage.  The four schools have established specific "Joining Hands" sections in their school websites, with detailed information about the different initiatives they have undertaken. We have also open a Facebook page, and a TwinSpace to share materials and experiences.

4.- We have established links with different ONGs, Red Cross, Catholic Church, Guadalajara Town Hall, and other institutions that deal with issues of migrations. We expect to keep these contacts in the future, even after the two years of "Joining Hands" have run out. We also expect to use and extend these contacts for future projects. 

Below you will find a link to a video prepared by the Italian team with an overview of the activities which took place during the second year of the programme.



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