A3 Lead-in on expectations concerning the students' involvement and the project

Students and families were informed about our Joining Hands, Erasmus+ project. They were told about the four European centres taking part in the project and our goal of making immigration part of the conversation at Liceo Caracense. Reception was enthusiastic about both aspects of the programme: the possibility of travelling to Italy, Portugal and France, and hosting our European friends in Spain; and the chance to work on topics related to immigration: how to make smoother the transition to a new country for the people making the decision to up sticks and find a better future accross the border.

Here are two of documents we prepared for students and families: 

1.- A word document with the basic information for students, families and teachers (in Spanish): JOINING HANDS an Introduction

2.- A questionnaire to collect students' personal data: JONING HANS Student Questionnaire.



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