A29 The Rights We Lack (LTTA4 Italy)

We celebrated Poetry Day on 21 March. As part of the programme, our student Sukkhil Saad Eddine, with Algerian background, danced to illustrate his feelings about migration and his own experience arriving to a completely new, unknown country. Here are the links to two videos. 




During the Italian mobility, we performed activity 29, a reading out event where students from the four countries read texts about human rights and the situation of migrants. The Spanish team read fragments of "Refugees and Exiles", a short story by Marina Lewicka (taken from "The Displaced", a collection of short stories written by refugee authors). Below you will find:

1.- Link to the Powerpoint the Spanish team prepared to illustrate the reading out of "Refugees and Exiles".

2.- Link to a short video prepared by the Italian team with fragments of the performance of students from the four countries.

3.- Poster of "The Rights We Lack".

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Power Point - Exiles and Refugees
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