A19 Study of Current Migrations. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

International Migration

The current situation of migrations and refugees was considered throughout the two years of activities. Apart from writing compositions, meeting experts and debating the issues, the Spanish group prepared two powerpoints on migrations and refugees, and recommended the reading of two books. The Spanish students involved in the Portuguese mobility were required to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1.- Powerpoint. Migrations. PowerPoint introduced by the Spanish group at the Transnational Meeting in Potenza.


2.- Powerpoint. Refugees. Powerpoint introduced by the Spanish group during LTTA2 in Spain, May 2018.

3.- Book. Migration. "International Migrations. A Very Short Introduction." Khalid Koser. Oxford.

4.- Book. Refugees. "The Displaced. Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives." Ed. Viet Thanh Nguyen. Abrams Press.

5.- Reading. "Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

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